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The much-awaited Resvera Lounge is now Open!

Nasik is recognized as the “Wine Capital of India” and is situated in the Western Ghats, on the banks of the River Godavari. Its climate and scenic beauty attract a lot of tourists from around the country as well as overseas. People visit Nashik for a tranquil experience which is perfect for families and friends to spend time with good food and wine. The socialising aspect is a vital part of the wine tour and tasting. Apart from weekend groups, there is also a strong interest among overseas travellers in following wine trails in India. Their goal is to taste Indian wine after having tasted wines from established regions around the world for years. The vineyards offer more than wine tasting. They also provide the opportunity to meet the winemakers and learn about the winemaking process.

Resvera Lounge with unique Jamun wines in its bouquet is opening its doors for a similar experience and to boost Wine Tourism in Maharashtra.

Jamun fruit forms the core of Resvera Wine, a fruit wine made with a focus on creating a delicious flavour. Creating a wine that is consumed and enjoyed 365 days a year is an ultimate goal. This makes it a wholesome gift for each and every wine lover around the world. Resvera is committed to responsible winemaking and produces magical juice from organically sourced Jamun fruit from the Jungles of Maharashtra. Resvera is also responsible for empowering the tribal community of regions where the Jamun fruit is extracted, giving them an opportunity to earn a living. A fusion of Jamun fruit combined with divine smoothness, Resvera creates a rich, luxurious taste that enhances your alluring lifestyle.

This wine’s enticing aroma makes it a perfect pairing with most meals. Take a swirl, breathe the scent into your veins, and taste the magical purple liquid that makes you want to drink more. Resvera Winery creates its wines with a holistic philosophy and believes in giving back to nature.

The taste of Jamun is the biggest USP of the product, since it is a crowd-pleaser, and offers something special that complements the Indian palate very well. Jamun fruit would also be a USP due to its health benefits. It is a rich source of nutrients, is anti-diabetic, and purifies the blood. The brand’s intention wasn’t to become an alcohol brand, but rather to give people a delicious experience. “An elegant and tastefully-done lounge is set beautifully in the midst of the grape city. With Resvera Lounge, we aim to bring a world of contrasts and paint the town with Jamun. A lounge thoughtfully created to give you a one of a kind experience that offers a beautiful ambience. When the sun goes down and the city lights go up, sip on the World’s First Jamun Wine complemented by exquisite food,” says Komal Piyush Somani, Co-founder & Director, Resvera Winery.

“Nashik has been recognised as the Wine Capital of India, and the history of wine in India traces back to as many as 5000 years. Under the one district one product scheme, Govt of India recognised wine as the main product for Nashik. indigenous fruits like Jamun, Mulberry, Jackfruit, Indian Gooseberry, Apple, and Mango have their mention in Scriptures like Rigveda, these fruits have proven health benefits.

There is a need to make these native Indian fruits popular and have a global footprint of the same in the present times. Resvera is processing some of these native Indian fruits and making wine from these fruits. We need to promote these made-in-India wines of fruits that are native to our country” said Nikhil Khode, Co-founder & and Head of Production. “The opening of the Resvera Lounge will make sure that Nashik is a testimony to the age-old traditions of making wine from not only grapes but other native fruits of India which are well understood to the Indian pallet,” continued.

Lastly, Dr Neeraj Agarwal – Director, added, “Every glass of wine enjoyed by the Resvera lovers at this new Lounge will also result in the plantation of few Jamun Trees in the reserved areas. So far Resvera team and all the tribal people associated with Resvera have planted more than 1 lakh trees in the last six years. Creation of this beautiful Resvera lounge is to give a different experience of fruit wines to the wine lovers and our first offering is world’s first Jamun wine.”

With the inauguration of the tasting room at The Cobble Street, Gangapur-Savargaon Road, Nashik, Resvera aims at enhancing the wine experience for its audience. The tasting room reflects the same philosophy that governs Resvera Wines. They are also keen to partner with players in other parts of the country to start such dedicated Wine Lounge of Resvera.

Grey Goose and Martini Cocktails

Grey Goose and Martini bring you the perfect way to cut through the winter chills and get in the holiday spirit with these perfect-for-winter cocktails. Bask in the winter sun with a Grey Goose Aperitivo Espresso with orange zest. Precede lunch with a Dry Apple Martini and enjoy the benefits of an apple a day all while keeping the seasonal gloom away! Relish cocktail hour with a Grey Goose Old-Fashioned on the rocks, and see for yourself why this oldest cocktail has stood the test of times. Keep the festivities alive even when the temperature drops.


A delightful mid-day aperitif! Coffee and vodka meet tonic water and orange zest to give it the freshness necessary to brighten up any afternoon.


Wine Glass


Orange Zest


Aperitif, Brunch


1 part Grey Goose Vodka

1 part Unsweetened Coffee

Tonic Water

Orange Zest


Build in wine glass in this order: Grey Goose Vodka, coffee, tonic water, orange zest


As one of the oldest cocktails in the world. It’s easy to see why it has stood the test of time. Nowtry it with a simple Grey Goose Vodka twist instead of whiskey.




Orange Zest


Aperitif, Cocktail Hour, Digestif


50 ml Grey goose Vodka

2 tsp Demerara Brown Sugar

Dash of Hot Water

Dash of Angostura Aromatic Bitters

Orange Zest


1 Add the sugar and water to a rocks glass, then stir to dissolve.

2 Add orange zest.

3 Slowly trickle in Grey Goose and cubed ice, piece by piece, stirring throughout.

4 Top with cubed ice to serve.



2 parts Martini Extra Dry

¼ part apple juice

1/3 part Manzana Verde

1/8 part apple syrup

2 tsp caster sugar

Juice of half a lemon

Half a green apple


Shake all the ingredients with cubed ice then double strain into a chilled martini cocktail glass. Garnish.


Apple slice


Martini cocktail glass


A modern interpretation of the Apple Martini

Pass Code Hospitality expanding footprints

One of the original speakeasies’ which serves finest cocktails in all of India, and all you need to know is the passcode to enjoy them. Rakshay Dhariwal founder and MD speaks to Lopamudra Ganguly about his plans of expansion post pandemic.

PCO stands for ‘pass code only’, and as you may have guessed, this PCO is the place to go in Delhi and Gurgaon for perfect classic cocktails, as they skip no steps. PCO, ATM, SAZ, Jamun are all such outlets. Customers especially love their barrel-aged cocktail line (think Manhattans and Negronis), which truly shows off passion for their craft in spades, as does their rotating list of specials. To sweeten the pot, they also serve a tasty menu full of bar bites, and we can’t think of a better place to spend a night in the capital post pandemic. Excerpts from the interview.

Please tell us about your company and the concept behind it?

Pass Code Hospitality is a boutique food and beverage firm that specialises in creating experience-driven, fun-dine restaurants and bars. We started our company in 2012 with cocktail bar PCO, which was the first speakeasy in the country. Since then we have gone on to start the “first” of many types of restaurants – ATM a private member’s supper club, Ping’s, a healthy asian street food restaurant, SAZ, a new-orleans inspired American Brasserie, and Jamun, an Indian restaurant serving food from all over the country. Our motto is to bring new dining concepts to our patrons.

Tell us something which is special about your company?

We are known for our boutique brands and we make sure that each of our brands is different and truly representative of the product while maintaining very high standards for food, beverage and service. We are fortunate that each of these brands has grown into a market leader in its segment.

What was your marketing strategy in this Covid situation?

There was not a lot we could do – and the sentiment during the first lockdown vs the second lockdown was very different. In the first one we ran online auctions of experiences in our restaurants and had tied-up with a charity partner for this. But during the second lockdown, we were simply trying to help by providing food packages including rice, oil, salt, daal, wheat, sugar, soap and other basic necessities and distributing them to those in need.

What were the strategies to keep up the brand image in the consumers’ mind?

Most of our marketing efforts were centered around delivery and encouraging consumers to order directly with us. Due to the financial pressures of the lockdown, offering discounts and promotions was out of the question – instead we tried to focus on the quality and high standard that one can expect from dining at any PCH outlet.

What are your present projects running?

We are fortunate that all of our restaurants that were running pre-pandemic in Delhi, Goa and Kolkata are still operating today. We hope that as the months progress, footfalls keep increasing. We have been encouraged by the response we have seen since the second opening and actually have planned in the near future.

Are your expansion plans part of your post Covid revival?

Absolutely! We think food and beverage will bounce back in a big way. At the end of the day, people want to go out, meet their friends and feel connected to the larger world around them. To that end, we have very exciting plans to bring our brands to Mumbai and further expand in Goa.

Tell us something about your future plans?

We are just about to launch a version of SAZ in Goa called SAZ on the Beach, a beautiful beach bar and restaurant with spectacular sunset views. We are also opening Ping’s Cafe Orient, PCO and SAZ Cafe in Kamala Mills in Mumbai and SAZ American Brasserie in Jio World Drive BKC.

Roku Gin Review

In this video we review Roku Gin from Beam Suntory which comes from Japan. Roku stands for the word 6 in Japanese and it pays tribute to the 6 special botanicals that come from Japan.

The gin is available in Mumbai for Rs. 6,500 making it one of the most expensive gins in the market. We have reviewed and tasted the gin which contains the ABV value of 43%.

This video is for entertainment purpose only and the magazine, channel and the host do not promote alcohol consumption.

Click here to watch the full video.

Epitome Reserve Whisky Review

In this video we review the limited edition Epitome Reserve Rare Grain Whisky that was launched recently by United Spirits, a Diageo Company. With only 2000 bottles made yet this is India’s first 100% Rice Grain whisky which celebrates India’s iconic people that have shaped the various landscapes and industries that they’ve been in.

The ABV percentage is 46% of this whisky and check out our Exclusive First Review of what we thought.

This video is for entertainment purpose only and the magazine, channel and the host do not promote alcohol consumption.

India’s Most Expensive Unknown Vodkas

In this video we take a look at India’s Most Expensive Unknown Vodka’s. Usually consumers always tend to pick vodkas that are more affordable or known to them. But did you know that there are Vodkas in a Super Premium Category as well which are more expensive?

So in this video we take a look at some of these Vodka’s and see how they taste. The ABV % of the Vodkas are 40% and they are available online select states.

This video is for entertainment purpose only and the magazine, channel and the host do not promote alcohol consumption.

A Paradise for all the whisky lovers: The Walt opens its doors to Mumbai

It was good food and good cocktails all the way.
From an interesting array of whisky to menu inspired from cuisines around the world- these are exciting times for all of whisky lovers. The Walt at The Park in Juhu is the newest addition to the food and cocktail scene of the city and here’s why you should head to this whisky bar. In a city where most people hang out in clubs and good bars are difficult to come by The Walt provides a comprehensive whisky offering and great food. This bar at the new hotel in Juhu houses a wide selection of whiskies and cocktails that will take you on an unforgettable experience.

To elevate the drinking experience, the place is beautifully designed to please your eyes with a vertiginous ceiling, plush seating and a statement art installation. The Walt is our dramatic whisky bar with a cosy alfresco patio. The menus has an interesting array of blends and signature cocktails, complimented by flavours from around the world. This space has been inspired by Walter, seafarer, musician and lover of things, who travelled the world collecting memories and tastes. The Walt is his special place reflecting his favourite flavours, drinks and music.

The offerings comprise some of the most interesting dishes from around the world, but of course, with a twist in the presentation. From the Classic Fish and Chips, Mac Pots, Tigela De Nachos, wide variety of Mini Pizzas to Lamb dazaz kofta tzatziki, Pao sliders, Bhujing style barbeque chicken skewers, Nakuni baida roti and Tandoori Piri Piri Prawns, the dishes are a perfect getaway take off culinary wonderland. The cocktails are all heady and uniquely mixed and wonderfully presented, making them oh-so-appealing and irresistible. Pick from Trader’s Mai Tai, Walter’s grog, Aloe Vera Margarita, Poached Pear Margarita, Emilia, Amti, Two Oceans Shiraz, Sake shots and Zuchitini among many others and raise your glass with these cocktails from around the globe.

Make a toast to one of man’s finest creations, with interesting array of blends and signature cocktails while you savour the flavours from around the world.

Romance the whiskies ever so gently, take a generous sip and, as the flavours open up, enjoy the stunning views. Located in the heart of Mumbai, we are sure that The Walt will soon be on the top of the list for whisky lovers.

The Butler and The Bayleaf scores with good food, ambience and service

When the name alone can set you on a journey of culinary delight steeped in history, you know there is much magic in store. Presenting a splendid collaboration of the royal hospitality of the British Raj, with the caress of a modern bistro style restaurant in the city- The Butler and The Bayleaf. Being veteran restaurateur Kishore DF’s ‘regional’ venture in collaboration with Sarabjeet Singh of Keer Hospitality, the restaurant brings forth Indian culture, once again- this time with a modern touch.

Kishore DF, of the Potpourri, WTF, The Big Nasty and Foo fame, has decided to take nostalgia a notch up with this new ambitious culinary ride, after the commendable success through The Tanjore Tiffin. Since then, he has been exploring the history of Indian geography from across the map and delving deep into the tastes of our voracious culture.

Situated right above the famous Alfredo’s, The Butler and The Bayleaf, drew its inspirations in the North. Representing a 100% authentic North Indian cuisine, Kishore emphasizes “At Butler, we never, NEVER mess with the authenticity. No fusion for us, no shortcuts. We just cleverly repurpose for the modern bistro chic audience.”

Rolling in the slumber filled lunches from their grandmother’s home, Butler presents a menu for the audience that is carefully crafted by renowned chef Rajan Mehra. Inheriting the magical culinary skills from his veteran chef father, Rajan comes with immense experience in the hospitality zone while he was at Delhi. He has now come down to explore Mumbai as food production head and brand for Butler.

Speaking of the menu, the arms of the North open up with the heart-filling Shrimp and Mango Salad and the Spicy Guava and Arugula Salad; followed by exotic small plates of the authentic Kurkuri Bhindi and the Royal style Chicken Noorani. Chole Bhaturas send us to another culinary realm, as the Seekh Kebab wraps brings a Northern blend. The Main dishes are a great reminder of the ‘ghar ka khana’ as they fill our plates and hearts with Guthi hui Gobi, Butler Butter Chicken and Punjabi fish tikka.

There is no North without the Biryanis- as the Butler serves us the luscious Chicken Dum Biryani and the taste bud tingling Kathal Dum Biryani. The Bakharkhani and the Khameeri Roti set a good standard for Indian breads. While the Croissant Pudding with Spicy Rum flavoured Angoori Mango Rabdi, is a blend of Indian and modern.

The Butler invites the audience a brilliant nostalgic sensation with a 4pm to 7pm old style high tea experience. Hosted over a piano recital or a book-reading or a game of mah-jong, this event accompanies your favourite beverage with the finger foods of the noon. Homecooks will also be invited to share their home-borne recipes, along with a presentation to cook it, serve it, as well as teach you how to make it.

Light conversations bloom near the piano, as the ambience gives an old British Gymkhana feel to the restaurant. The patio is a mix of chairs and sofas, bringing in a modern dining with a touch of casual. The presence of plants tends to keep an aura of fine dining with a dash of a friendly huddle, as well.

Meet the Eminent Jury of Teacher’s Golden Thistle Awards 2019

Bollywood Superstar Anil Kapoor, Cricketing Legends Harbhajan Singh and Krishnamachari Srikkanth, Dance Icon Geeta Chandran, Amongst Other Celebrities, Part of the Panel of Judges for the Awards

For the first time, superstars and celebrities from all walks of life – from Bollywood to Cricket, from India Inc. to F&B – came together to discuss, debate and short-list the nominees for the Teacher’s Golden Thistle Awards 2019. The winners will be announced on 16th November at an illustrious ceremony in Mumbai.

The iconic platform of Teacher’s Achievement Awards has celebrated the spirit of achievement since 2001 with an illustrious list of winners in the past including Ranbir Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Shabana Azmi, Boman Irani, Rahul Dravid, Abhinav Bindra, among others. The long-awaited awards are back in a refreshed avatar as Teacher’s Golden Thistle Awards to recognize and celebrate high-achievers with rare and exemplary achievements across seven categories: Business, Sports, Entertainment, Culture (Culinary Excellence), Genuine Impact (Growing for Good), Forever Genuine (Life Time Achievement) and Teacher’s GQ Special Award. To ensure a fair and thoroughly audited process, Pricewaterhouse Cooper (PwC) was appointed as the Process Validator.

The jury in-charge of making some tough decisions are as follows:

Acclaimed actor and producer, Anil Kapoor has a career that has spanned over 40 years! He is Bollywood royalty and actor par excellence who through discipline and hard work has managed to stay relevant and fit all these years.

A player with equal parts passion and talent, Harbhajan Singh is one of India’s most successful off-spin bowlers. He is a live wire on and off the field and is loved by audiences across the country.

Geeta Chandran is one of the most celebrated classical dancers in India and has been decorated with a Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award in the country, for her contributions to the field of art. The Bharatanatyam master has also trained a whole generation of artists.

Known as the Indiana Jones of Indian cricket, and rightly so, Krishnamachari Srikkanth is a former captain of the Indian cricket team and former chairman of the BCCI selection committee. His off-pitch personality matches his batting style – entertaining, innovative and explosive.

Manjit Gill is the man behind some of the most iconic restaurants of India – Bukhara and Dum Pukht – that have been delighting foodies for close to 30 years now. The highly acclaimed chef has over four decades of excellence in the culinary profession and has won numerous awards for his work.

While each one of us would have thought of starting a restaurant, some people actually do it and with such success as Farrokh Khambata. He wears many hats – an entrepreneur, restaurateur, chef and caterer – but he has dominated the world of food through his company ‘Catering & Allied’, which owns five restaurants in Mumbai apart from one of the best celebrity catering service.

D. Shiva Kumar is the Group Executive President of Corporate Strategy and Business at Aditya Birla Group. He is helmed as the leader who built Nokia as the most trusted brand in India at one point of time. Known for his inspirational leadership skills, D. Shiva Kumar was awarded ‘Distinguished Alumnus’ by IIT Madras and IIM Calcutta.

Handling finances is not everyone’s cup of tea but not for Nimesh Shah, Managing Director and CEO at ICICI Prudential AMC. With over 25 years in the banking and finance sector, he is known to provide the best solutions for investors while maintaining high levels of transparency.

Known as the man behind the largest events in India, Wiz Joseph Sabbas, Founder of Wizcraft, lends his strategic foresight for all major brand launches and corporate events in India.


Loft by the Clock Tower at 32nd Milestone Gurgaon opened its doors to the public in February, this year .It is for all those who love their beers with a side of exclusivity. With a wide range of global brews on tap and a carefully curated progressive menu set in eye-catching architecture, Loft aims to bring the Manhattan pub experience to life. Best described as a progressive microbrewery with a unique take on world beers, Loft is looking to redefine the region’s nightlife landscape.

The ambiance is heavily influenced by old fashioned meat-packing warehouses in Manhattan and New York, and with 5 sections spread over 12,000 square feet and 3 floors, the 300-cover drinkery is certain to cater to every need and whimsy of the demanding Gurgaon patrons The ambiance, will transport guests to the yesteryear bars of New York. From the vibrant Mad Hatter dance floor for those who love to party to the reflective Green terrace for corporate wine and dines, each corner has a one-of-a-kind theme to offer to create the perfect mood for any occasion with friends or colleagues The huge performing area with over 10 monthly gigs and some of the most prominent Delhi performers scheduled is also sure to attract the city’s music lovers. Most restaurants specialize either on food on their drinks, but the people behind Loft are clear that they want the best of both. “The food we serve is global cuisine with an Indian touch, which has been curated by Chefs Nishant Choubey and Tarun Sibal to bring this to life. The drinks and cocktails have been curated with support from Arijit Bose’s Bar Back Collective and the HT Hospitality,”said the Manager Operations.

“The food menu at Loft is an amalgamation of native and international flavours. At Loft, we have re-imagined classic dishes and made them our own along with celebrating an array of unusual combinations of flavours, textures and cooking technique,” he added. The menu at Loft by The Clock Tower is a multi-cuisine fiesta, with influences from across the globe craftily combined with Indian flavours and sensibilities to pander to the cosmopolitan palettes of 2019 Gurgaon. Guests may choose from a variety of sumptuous food offerings to pair their drink with – Malabar Quesadilla, Three Pepper Tofu, Wasabi Mushrooms, and Peanut Butter Paneer Tikkas among others. For the meat lovers, there are delicacies like  Kadahi Lamb Burgers, Banger and Mash Crostinis and Triple Cooked Pork.which provides a novel experience to anyone who walks in. Nitin Bhusan Prasad their operation head says, “Our beers are true to style and reflect a very Scottish, Irish, Hungarian and South-West Russia influenced beer portfolio. All the beers brewed at Loft are also true to style but with a slightly modern twist to it, for example, we brew a classical Belgian wheat beer, which has been infused with rose petals.” Loft’s bar menu is a delight for any beer lover. Rose Wheat American Lager, Oak chips infused Vienna Lager, Custom Blend Kaapi Stout and 5 spiced Saison make for a heady mixture of traditional brews with a twist and will keep the experiment-savvy public engaged.

Loft by the Clock Tower is the only microbrewery in 32nd Milestone, which has around 30 food establishments, which is one of its USPs.They have some fabulous live bands like Traffic Jam, to keep the evenings alive in a big way. And the DJs playing at Loft will certainly make the entire setup quite conducive for a fun evening out with friends and family. With so many corporates now located in and around the area, Loft gives people a place to party after work and relax with good food, drinks and music. A few years ago, the place would have seemed really far, one of the reasons why hotels and joints at this location didn’t do quite well. However, with the NCR expanding in a big way, 32nd Milestone has become a destination again due to great connectivity on the NH 8 and people willing to get into their dancing shoes after a hectic day of work.

The plans for expansions are huge and when asked, they said they are targetting to open two more 200 cover+ outlets by 2020.
– Lopamudra Ganguly