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INDSPIRIT 2024 – The Mega Alcobev Exhibition and Conference on 14th March 2024

The 16th edition of INDSPIRIT is set to take place on 14th March 2024 in Gurgaon, Haryana. This year, the mega Alcobev industry event and awards will span a day, featuring the participation of top manufacturers in the industry. The event is jointly organized by Ambrosia magazine and SAP MEDIA WORLDWIDE LTD.

INDSPIRIT is renowned for its Conference and Ambrosia Awards ceremony. The ground breaking conference, held during the day, will see industry leaders convene to discuss, engage, and find solutions for the future of the industry.

The theme for the 2024 edition of the Conference is ‘Empowering India and Unleashing its Potential’. This theme will encompass discussions on India’s entrepreneurial journey and future potential, as well as other topics such as the Global Overview of the Alcobev Industry and its Impact on India, the Evolution of Alcohol Regulations and Prohibitions in India, among others. Panel discussions will also focus on Consumer Evolution for Modern Markets, India’s appetite for exploring investments, mergers, and acquisitions, and the Rise of Digital Media, among other pertinent topics.

The conference is expected to offer visitors a comprehensive overview of the industry in a single day, along with the opportunity to network with industry leaders in a closed-door setting. While the conference is by invitation only, interested attendees can register online and check the full list of the conference topics by clicking here www.indspirit.in

Ambrosia Magazine, Asia’s largest and premier Alcobev magazine in its 32nd year of publication, is organizing the event. “We are extremely excited about INDSPIRIT 2024 as India’s global growth story continues to make headlines. The event provides a platform for the industry to come together to celebrate and discuss its future,” said Trilok Desai, Publisher and MD of Ambrosia and SAP MEDIA WORLDWIDE LTD.

“Since its inception, INDSPIRIT and Ambrosia Awards have been the most anticipated events in the industry calendar. In its 16th edition, we continue to expand our horizons to offer more to the industry each year. From the unique style of the Ambrosia Awards to the Conference, the event is a one-stop shop for anyone looking to learn about the industry in a day,” added Bhavya Desai, CEO and Group Head of SAP MEDIA WORLDWIDE LTD.