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Old Monk Amber Review

Looking for a rich and aged rum that will blow your taste buds away? Look no further than Old Monk Amber, a 20-year-old rum with a complex and refined flavor profile.

In this video review, we’ll delve into the details of what makes Old Monk Amber so special, from its aging process to the unique flavours that makes it stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re a seasoned rum lover or just looking to expand your palate, this is one spirit you won’t want to miss.

So sit back and let’s dive into the world of Old Monk Amber!

Old Monk Amber Review

Old Monk Amber, a rum from Mohan Meakins. As everyone knows Old Monk is one of the highest selling rums in India and has become a favourite among many rum drinkers. So in this review, we will dive deep into the flavour profile and characteristics of this beloved rum. Old Monk Amber comes with a price tag of ₹950 in Uttar Pradesh. The company is also behind the production of Solan Gold whisky and Jamun Dry gin, both of which we have previously reviewed.

What’s Unique about Amber?

When it comes to rum, there are few brands that command as much respect as Old Monk. This Indian rum has been a favourite of connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike for decades. But what makes Old Monk Amber so unique? We decided to find out.

There are two things that are unique about this Old Monk. First if the name and it’s called ‘Amber’. Now this word has a number of meanings. In Arabic it means ‘Jewel’, like the word ‘ambar’. In Sanskrit it means ‘the sky’. The second thing that sets Amber apart from its older sibling is the colour. While Old Monk is known for its distinctively dark colour, Amber is named for its more golden hue. The name has multiple meanings in different languages, but we suspect that the colour was the inspiration behind it.

But the real difference between Old Monk and Amber lies in the blend. Amber is a mix of the classic Old Monk rum and a 20-year-old expression. It is a mellow and matured rum that is unlike anything else on the market. The box proudly proclaims that it is an XO, or Extra Ordinary, rum, thanks to the addition of the 20-year blend.

While there isn’t much information available about the making process of Amber, we suspect that it is not too different from that of Old Monk. Both are made by fermenting cane molasses until bottling. The only difference is that the 20-year blend must be mixed at some point during that time in order to create that matured spirit.

Unboxing and Packaging 

the packaging of Amber is distinctive and different. The cartons come in a dark red-maroon colour with the words “20-year-old expression” clearly stated on the bottle. The box also bears the words “Pride of India” and “Mellow and Matured Rum.” It is worth noting that the packaging mentions that the product has added colours.

When it comes to the bottle, the first thing that catches the eye is its Amber colour, which is very clear and apparent. The label is slightly slanted, indicating that it was made by hand, much like the Old Monk bottles. The rum has an ABV of 42.8%, and it is priced at ₹950 in UP. It is made and bottled in the Ghaziabad plant of Mohan Meakins in UP.


Regarding the aroma, the rum has a potent scent, and the high alcohol content of 42.8% is definitely noticeable. There’s a subtle sweetness present due to the sugarcane, but no detectable spice notes.


When sipping this rum, one can immediately notice its smooth and refined taste, which belies its potent aroma. The palate may detect a subtle dryness, followed by a satisfyingly long finish that leaves no unpleasant burning sensation in the throat. However, there is a noticeable bite and spiciness on the palate. Despite this, the overall sensation is one of warmth and smoothness, making for a truly enjoyable sipping experience.


How does the Old Monk Amber taste? This premium rum boasts a smooth texture, thanks to the addition of a 20-year-old malt. Priced at ₹950 in UP, it’s a natural choice for those who appreciate a more refined drinking experience. While it may cost more than the regular version, it’s definitely worth trying at least once. For Old Monk fans, it’s worth giving it a try as they tend to be loyal to the brand. And when it comes to taste, Old Monk Amber rum delivers on all fronts, hitting all the right notes and satisfying the palate with every sip.