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Dice loaded in favour of Kasino Bar

With an array of experiential restaurants making a mark in today’s time, it takes more for a meal than just good taste to stand out. Keeping the city’s nightlife in mind, Malad’s newest addition — Kasino Bar — takes pride in being India’s first casino themed restaurant and lounge. What makes this restaurant truly one of its kind is the eclectic flow of vegetarian and vegan dishes that are specially curated to suit the contemporary tastes of the public today. We have a very global cuisine, says Anki Talati, Director, Kasino Bars. Patrons can relish a round of drinks as well as carefully concocted cocktails & mocktails to accompany the continental fare in store at Kasino Bar. The 225 cover restaurant boasts of its voguish, dark themed interiors, that incorporates elements of hues and blues along with subtle neon lights to suit a crowd of all ages. Strategically located in an upcoming locality in Malad, Kasino Bar’s chic, snazzy vibe brings together a metropolitan crowd unlike its competitors in the vicinity. An idiosyncratic feature of Kasino Bar allows guests to indulge in invigorating Kasino Virtual Games, that give you the look at feel of playing at a real casino bar. Patrons participating can win discounts that include upto 100% cash-backs, fun goodies and so much more that’s on their list. They get a real feel of Casinos which are generally there on week days. Themes like Arabian nights and many otheres also draw in the crowds and weekends are crowded so the big spacious outlet has no room for roulettes, says Talati. The big open windows is also a delight for those who like to watch the sunset. Ideal for a night out with friends or a game night with family, Kasino Bar’s interactive feature makes sure nobody loses, and you don’t go home with a frown! Patrons can revisit and keep note of their score with its newly introduced loyalty memberships as well. So, unwind and indulge in a round of roulette along with a plethora of sumptuous grub at your disposal — Kasino Bar promises to be an experience unlike any other, and will have you returning with a smile on your face for yet another game next time around! Started with an investment of `3 crore, we plan to have 10 more outlets. The plan is to open two or three more and then take the franchising route, says Talati.

D’Two States

D’Two States The best of Maharashtrian and Punjabi cuisines  

D’Two States

  Two people met and decided to get married. But there is a twist to the tale. They decided to take their union to another level and D’Two states was born. A unique restaurant in terms of décor, ambience, hospitality, and food. A huge red antique door greets you and the décor on one side is Maharashtrian and the other side is Punjabi blending perfectly that you need to have a close look to know the difference. Ethnic wear of Maharashtra and Punjab dorn the walls on the ground floor while traditional gold Maharashtrian jewellery and Punjabi Kirpans are on the first level. This is a pathbreaking amalgamation of two cultures, D’Two States; one of its kind of restaurant as they bring a creative mix of Punjabi and Maharashtrian — not just on your plates, but in the ambience as well. Owned by a young, independent women, Preeti Gupte, who is a psychologist turned into an entrepreneur. Like every young women she wished depict her story in the concept of restaurant. She believes that the fading roots of Indian culture may have a chance of revival with their subtle attempt. For her food is the perfect remedy to all ills. Food is all cooked at her home in the next building, while Preeti prepares the desserts and ochestrates the food preparation. Some of the signature dishes are prepared by me at home, she says. The unique concept that involves the use of traditional Phulkari (originating from Punjab), as well as Warli (originating from Maharashtra) art in the decor. Maharashtrian girl marrying a Punjabi boy, who believes in preserving the heritage of Indian culture after spending some time abroad resulted into one of its kind of concept. At D’Two States, you will find a medley of sumptuous Punjabi and Maharashtrian cuisines on your menu, which will whisk you away on an unique voyage of cultures in every bite. Innovations include Pomfrets stuffed with prawns instead of chutney or laced with masala, spicier butter chicken, Promoting women empowerment, one will be attended by a women hostess at the restaurant to make all their guests feel at home. The restaurant was inaugurated by well known actor, director Mr. Sachin Khedekar.

British Brewing Company launches their very own brew on tap this June

Craft beer enthusiasts in the city are either hard at work on, or looking for some new and freshly brewed beer options to sip on. Not until a while ago, the ordinary Indian tippler only had a handful of options for a refreshing cold pint; but now, the young beer drinkers of the city are experimenting with newer and more exotic brews.

This June, your favourite neighbourhood Gastropub, British Brewing Company known for its local and international beers, lip-smacking cocktails, spirits and an extensive list of wines along with simple and unpretentious food is all set to launch their very own first exclusive craft beer called ‘THE ONE’ – brewed by one of the most young and hip breweries in the country today. Under its all new property called ‘The Beer Diaries’, they will introduce one new signature brew every three months under contract.

THE ONE is a 6.5% Belgian style Golden Ale, with a typical spice on the nose and a crisp finish that is subtle but has hints of alcohol that a Belgian style Golden Ale promises to have. The flavour of the beer is effervescent and sweet on the palate. This one promises to be a Belgian Golden Ale in its true sense!

“In Great Britain, a “local” pub, bar, restaurant is the centre of town life and is a place to relax, meet friends and family, refuel the body and the spirit, share news, be entertained and reconnect in an unhurried and welcoming atmosphere. We’ve always been striving to meet the needs and demands of the discerning diner. To further excite and upgrade the beer drinking experience British style we are finally launching our very own beer called ‘THE ONE’ which is a Belgian Golden Ale. So just drop by, sit back and relax with a glass of this beery goodness at your nearest British Brewing Company outlet” says Ajit Dhumal, director at British Brewing Company, Mumbai.

With the launch of this all new brew, British Brewing Company will let one choose yet another interesting pour with a classic style and a locally inspired twist.


The experience of picking up exclusive and premium brands would leave you yearning for more. The sophisticate lounge would be too hard to skip without an evening cocktail.

While there are many ways to relax at the end of the day, an experience worth savouring is an evening spent at the Lounge and Bar. Offering a delightful and chic experience that is unrivalled by other lounge, it offers an easy environment that pulls you in and leaves you feeling satiated. Based on colonial theme, the bar has a unique and rare collection of ancient paintings. Besides, the bar organises theme nights like Milonga nights where Tango dancers and teaching experts give opportunity to the guests to learn this dance form.

Overlooking the crystal waters of Eros Hotel’s poolside, this sitting lounge offers an indoor seating arrangement that can accommodate up to 64 guests. It also offers a pleasant outdoor setting where one can marvel at the exceptional and pristine poolside. Set up near a spectacular and elegant landscaped garden, the delightful ambiance is accompanied by a service that is impeccable and customised to meet any demand or need. The Lounge and Bar also comes with special evenings and special moments that are reserved for all the ladies. Every week it offers a relaxing evening outing complete with delightful delicacies as well as free flowing cocktails.

Providing an exquisite blend of cocktails and delightful wine collections, Lounge and Bar balances the experience with a variety of appetising snacks. Ensuring that no part of the evening is left wanting. The Lounge and Bar also offers live music and entertainment with its delectable treats. Standing as one of the premier lounges, it offers the guests a choice between a tasteful selection of extensive wine collection or a thrilling adventure in the form of a deliciously flavoured cocktail.

Amrodtini, which is Vodka based cocktail with hint of burnt cumin gives local flavour to make it more popular. The bar also serves Hawaiian Sangrias, Fruit Sangrias, and Flavoured Margaritas. Time to time the bar organises beverage promotion. Also, special menus are designed for New Year and Christmas as well.

Toprit Saifi

“AZA” the Bar at Fairmont Jaipur

The jaali doors of Aza open to reveal a regal library bar, a space for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Reminiscent of an emperor’s hunting lodge, the décor of Aza is complimented with deep leather wing chairs, the smell of leather bound books and the joys of fine liquor. Here you will find the classics in all their glory, vintage cognacs, rare single malts, and a wine cellar that is the envy of the town, this regency style library bar features a varied collection of ‘liquid history’. The highlight at Aza is the exclusive whisky appreciation station featuring an exotic collection ofaged and rare malt whiskies of the world where connoisseurs can select and savour the ‘Private whisky collection of the Maharaja’ from its exquisite menu. This regal masculine bar exudes a delightful old world charm with warm interiors, intimate spaces and charming silent black and white movies that transport you to an era of quiet elegance. The service at Aza extends to the lush palace lawns outside where you can enjoy warm bonfires and mashaal lit greens as the chefs roll out platters of culinary inspiration from the Mediterranean, Middle East and Balkan regions. With sizzling kebabs, leather bound books, and aged whiskys, Aza is an experience in laid back classic luxuries.