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Tilaknagar Industries Launches Green Apple Flavoured Brandy

Tilaknagar Industries Limited, a leading Indian-Made Foreign Liquor Manufacturer (IMFL), has unveiled a new flavour innovation under its Flandy (premium flavoured Brandy) range. Mansion House Flandy has now been launched in an all-new Green Apple flavour in the state of Telangana, to begin with.

Mr Amit Dahanukar, Chairman and Managing Director, Tilaknagar Industries said, “Our Mansion House Premium Flavoured Brandy is a category-first innovation. It has been well-received across markets and its saliency, as a percentage of Mansion House Brandy in relevant states, has grown significantly. The launch of the all-new Green Apple flavour is a testimony to Flandy’s strong performance since its introduction in FY23, and is in line with our plans to further enhance our premium Brandy portfolio while strengthening our regional foothold.”

TI has seen very encouraging response to its Flandy range in the state, aiding the Company’s jump to become the fourth-largest IMFL player and the third-largest IMFL Prestige & Above (“P&A”) player, in Telangana, in FY24.

Tilaknagar Industries, which is one of India’s largest manufacturers of premium Brandy, had earlier rolled out its Mansion House Flandy range in Orange, Cherry and Peach flavours. Telangana is one of the prominent IMFL markets and has one of the highest Prestige & Above (“P&A”) segment with over 50 per cent saliencies across IMFL industry in India. It is estimated that the Brandy P&A segment in the state has grown by 18 per cent in FY24, as compared to almost 8 per cent growth in IMFL P&A segment over the same period. Additionally, in terms of flavours, Green Apple is the largest selling flavour in the flavoured spirits category in the state, providing a large canvas to the brand to gain market share.

First movers in premium flavoured brandy

Mr Ahmed Rahimtoola, Chief Marketing Officer, Tilaknagar Industries said, “We are first-movers in the premium flavoured Brandy category in India. In addition to this, an elevated demand for flavoured drinks and the predominant cocktail culture trend gives Tilaknagar Industries a competitive advantage across markets. The new Green Apple variant of Mansion House Flandy is another step by TI to enrich consumer experience and drive growth.”

The Mansion House Flandy range has a unique blend of natural fruit flavours. The latest offering has been infused with sweet green apple essence which is complemented by the nuanced richness of oaky undertones, delivering a truly palate-enriching experience to consumers.

In the financial year ended March 2024, Tilaknagar Industries volumes grew 16 per cent, year-on-year, in comparison to the overall IMFL industry growth of 2-3 per cent for the same period, making it fastest growing IMFL company in India for the 2nd year running.

India stands out as one of the largest markets for Brandy, globally. Within IMFL, Brandy is the second-largest product category, accounting for more than 20 per cent share of the industry by volume. Moreover, the premium Brandy industry in India is expected to continue expanding market share within the overall Prestige and Above IMFL segment.

Founded in 1933 by Shri Mahadev L. Dahanukar as Maharashtra Sugar Mills, the company has nine decades of excellence in the consumer goods category. The Dahanukar family continues to be the promoter of TI sharing the same vision and values as the founders. Under the current leadership of  Amit Dahanukar, the company has grown to be the largest manufacturer of premium brandy in India. Its portfolio comprises of two ‘Millionaire’ brandy brands, Mansion House and Courrier Napoleon. TI has presence in whisky, rum and gin categories through Mansion House Whisky, Madiraa Rum and Blue Lagoon Gin.

UBL, AB InBev, Carlsberg jointly form Brewers’ Association of India

In a move that might not be surprising to many, India’s leading beer manufacturers United Breweries – controlled by Dutch manufacturer Heineken, AB InBev, and Carlsberg have come together to jointly forming a new industry body Brewers’ Association of India (BAI). The three companies own the 85% of the beer market in India via their brands Budweiser, Hoegaarden, Corona, Carlsberg, Tuborg among others.

While UBL leads the Indian beer market with its brands Kingfisher, Kalyani Black, Heineken, Amstel Bier. BAI, which is formed in partnership with the World Brewing Alliance (WBA), and is expected to focus on growing the beer category in India, drive innovation, moderation, and sustainability in the Indian beer market.

WBA is the global industry body consisting of brewers and brewing trade associations from leading markets, including Australia, Canada, the US, Europe, Japan, Korea, Latin America, Brazil, and New Zealand.

BAI is headquartered in Delhi and is going to be headed by Vinod Giri, who will assume office on June 1, 2024. Giri until now was heading the Confederation of Indian Alcoholic Beverage Companies (CIABC), the apex body of the Indian alcoholic beverage industry.

“The time is right for brewers to raise their voice on these issues. The Brewers of India will be a vital part of promoting moderate drinking, promoting our industry,” said Justin Kissinger, President and CEO, WBA.

The new association will also be open to other brewers, Indian and international both, who share the belief in growing the Indian beer industry responsibly.

AB InBev India President Kartikeya Sharma said, “There are many barriers to the growth of India’s beer category, including inequitable taxation, accessibility, and the ease of doing business. We will continue to advocate to unlock a new era for the beer category.”

Carlsberg India MD Nilesh Patel said, “The beer industry is an important sector for the states as it provides significant direct and indirect employment and generates significant revenues for the state to invest for its citizens.

“Through the Brewers’ Association of India, the industry expects to bring best global practices and further strengthen the sector.”

UBL MD & CEO Vivek Gupta said, “Together, the industry can help shape policies promoting responsible choices for consumers around moderate alcohol beverages, a robust taxation and regulatory framework and promoting investments for socio-economic benefits. We look forward to collaborate with governments and other stakeholders.”

The three companies have significantly invested in India. While Carlsberg operates seven breweries, UBL has 19 and AB InBev India has 10 of them across the country.