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AABL walking ahead of the competition

It all began in Madhya Pradesh when Associated Alcohols & Breweries Limited (AABL) was incorporated in 1989. The company was set up by its founder Chairman – the Late Bhagwati Prasad Kedia and has grown to become one of the largest distilleries in India today and the flagship company of the Associated Kedia Group, a `3000 million liquor conglomerate with interests in liquor manufacturing and bottling.The Group is in liquor trade since the last four decades and in an exclusive interview with Ambrosia,the management dwells on its history and the road ahead.

Anshuman Kedia and Anand Kedia

Growing over a period of four decade is one thing and also ensuring that you stay ahead of the curve is another. AABL till date produces 4 million cases of country liquor per annum and has cornered a market share of approximately 20-22% in Madhya Pradesh. “We have come a long way since 1989,” says Anand Kedia, Chairman of AABL adding that the company’s journey started from trading in molasses, country liquor and IMFL to now becoming a premium brand manufacturer. “In 1986 we applied for a license and by 1989 we started manufacturing quality Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA). We soon transitioned from molasses to grain based ethanol and from day one of Diageo’s existence in India we have been manufacturing products for them. Some of these include Gilbey’s, Triple distilled vodka namely Smirnoff, Black & White, Vat 69 and Black Dog,” says Kedia. Our USP in the industry and the market is best quality in ENA and we have been supplying ENA to companies like USL, Pernod, ABD among others. We also supply ENA to other states and their demand for the same is through the roof says Anand. Their ENA manufacturing capacity has now increased from 31 million litres to 45 million litres with AABL having the licenses to produce upto 90 million litres.

Distilled Spirits Council Says Potential EU Retaliation Threat Against Bourbon Would Be Misguided

The Distilled Spirits Council recently issued the following statement in response to news reports regarding the European Union’s potential trade retaliation against some U.S. whiskey products in the context of actions the Trump Administration may be considering relative to aluminum and steel imports.

“U.S. and EU spirits exporters have enjoyed duty-free access to each other’s markets for more than two decades, which has greatly benefited both spirits producers and consumers and resulted in increased exports, jobs and consumer choice.

Members of the Distilled Spirits Council have made considerable investments in both the U.S. and the EU to create complementary product portfolios comprised of both domestic and imported brands. U.S. whiskeys are an important component of these investment strategies and brand portfolios.

Any efforts to impose retaliatory tariffs on U.S. spirits exports to the EU will harm consumers, producers and the U.S. and EU spirits sectors.”

Total U.S. spirits exports to the EU in 2016 were valued at $654 million; Bourbon whiskey accounted for 20 percent of that total.

Carlsberg India launches ‘Tuborg Classic’- India’s first premium strong beer with Scotch Malts

Maharashtra to be the first state to get a taste of the new beer

Building on the tremendous success of Tuborg Green and Tuborg Strong, Carlsberg India announced the launch of Tuborg Classic, India’s first premium strong beer with Scotch Malts. Tuborg Classic, with its rich personality, is a refreshingly strong beer with imported Scotch Malts for a stronger and smoother taste. Presently launched in Maharashtra, Tuborg Classic will soon be available in select markets over the next few months.

Especially brewed for the Indian palate, Tuborg Classic is a rich tasting strong beer that offers the new generation of beer lovers a differentiated product. It is the perfect combination of strong and smooth. Superior quality scotch malts give the beer a well-rounded taste making the drinking experience easy and smooth.

Speaking on the occasion, Michael N. Jensen, Managing Director Carlsberg India Pvt. Ltd. said, “Today, consumers appreciate the distinctive quality and taste of premium beers. Keeping in line with the trends, we have launched Tuborg Classic, a brew made with Scotch Malts offering a stronger and smoother taste. We are confident this product will be appreciated by the consumers. With this launch, we aim to make Tuborg Classic one of the biggest innovations to have hit the Indian Beer industry in the last few years.”

Commenting on the new product, Mahesh Kanchan, Director Marketing, Carlsberg India Pvt. Ltd. said, “Tuborg is the number 1 international beer brand in India and is appreciated by consumers for its taste, quality and innovative packaging. With Tuborg Classic, we aim to further strengthen our commitment to the Indian market and expand our portfolio. Tuborg Classic is a great tasting beer made with Scotch Malts and offers our consumers a stronger and smoother beer experience.”

Tuborg Classic will be launched in 650ml bottles across all key markets nationally and in 500ml Cans in select markets. Maharashtra market will have both packs available.