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Jameson Whiskey Appreciation

Lorcan Garvey, Brand Ambassador for Pernod Ricard India’s brand Jameson in India conducted a Whisky Appreciation session at the Radio Club for its members.The session began with a bit of history on John Jameson himself, a Scotsmen who moved to Dublin and took to the art of making Irish whiskey. Lorcan touched on the inspiration behind this move and the story behind the ‘crest and the motto – Sine Metu’ (Latin for ‘Without Fear’). He did stress that the motto in no way encouraged one to be rash or irresponsible but rather emphasized on the will to push ahead while having ‘Little to no Fear’.

With that, he went on to explain the whiskey manufacturing process – fermentation, distillation and maturation while handing samples of grain, white spirit and those matured in the various wooden barrels to the audience.

And then it was time to taste the samples and examine some of the ingredients that make the whiskey. Jameson Irish Whiskey is the most popular Irish whiskey in the world, with more than 20 million bottles sold per year, all over the globe. Produced at the Midleton distillery, it is the flagship whiskey of Irish Distillers, subsidiary of Pernod Ricard. Jameson 12 year offers notes of pepper and cinnamon to harmonize with oak and vanilla in this great blend. If you are a fan of Irish whiskies in general or Jameson in particular, Jameson 12-year-old provides an interesting perspective on aged blended whiskies that you’ll enjoy tasting.

Radio Club Whisky Appreciation programmes and this Jameson Whiskey Appreciation has been put together by Prakash Mirchandani, Secretary of Radio Club.

Pernod Ricard’s Breakthrough Innovation Group unveils Opn at CES

Originally unveiled in 2014, under the working title Project Gutenberg, Opn is a pioneering, intelligent system, which will transform the way we enjoy premium spirits and experience mixology at home.

As ‘hometainment’ sees consumers turn to their homes for new social experiences and in a near future of ‘smart-homes’, Opn enhances the drinking experience through a holistic, user-friendly ecosystem of devices, applications and services.

Elegantly designed to encourage exploration and discovery, it enables the user to learn and customize cocktail recipes, adapting them to available ingredients. Coaching features guide through the spectrum of recipes and techniques to help build skills, for cocktail classics and more elaborate concoctions. From helping put together shopping lists to seamlessly ordering spirits online and having them delivered to your door, creating social calendars and offering inspiration on the art of hosting, Opn will simplify and enhance the way we organize events at home, and help us prepare our favorite cocktails, in the smoothest possible way.

“We are utterly committed to developing the future of entertaining at home: an experience that is connected, engaging, tailored and responsible”, says Alain Dufossé, Managing Director of the Breakthrough Innovation Group (BIG). “With Opn, our goal is to make it easier to enjoy meaningful moments of convivialité at home.”

Opn is the perfect embodiment of how Pernod Ricard leverages innovation as one of the 4 accelerators of its business model alongside portfolio management, digital acceleration and premiumisation & luxury. Whether it is with new products or radically different experiences for consumers, innovation contributes to the Group’s top line growth, delivering 1% of incremental growth, as well as building the future of convivialité.

As well as revealing the official product name and branding at the iconic tech event, BIG shared information about features developed over the past three years, including further details of Opn’s unique four-pillar system:


The Cartridge is a disruptive, efficient design, space-optimized to be unobtrusive, whilst still holding the standard 70cl of spirit. Its integrated tech also enables it to communicate with the rest of the Opn system. A future design classic, the sleek Cartridge effortlessly blends into any home, with a clean, contemporary look that will appeal to a multitude of tastes, and compliment numerous design styles.


The intelligent tray unit interacts with the Cartridges, releasing measures through a pour application, helping the consumer achieve the perfect mix. The tray also monitors spirit levels whilst informing the rest of the system on what cocktails can be made, with what’s currently available.


With a database of more than 300 cocktail recipes, created by top mixologists from around the globe, the core application opens up the world of cocktail-making for exploration, whilst its easily understood, step-by-step instructions help the user prepare a variety of mixes. As more recipes are learned and mastered, it encourages independent experimentation and customization of recipes. The application also ensures users have everything they need, by putting together shopping lists and placing cartridge orders. It even helps design event invitations, meaning every detail of social events is covered.


The website features articles and films that share the stories and personal experiences of hosts around the world, who love entertaining at home. Whatever the scale, Opn’s friends and experts share their insights and advice on hosting and how to create a social gathering to remember.

Research to date has shown that Opn’s disruptive qualities are generating new rituals amongst consumers. Accordingly, over the next 12 months, BIG will continue to finesse Opn’s system, based on trials and interactions currently taking place with 200 individuals, in Paris.

“Since November 2016, we have been meeting consumers in five European cities and the feedback is clear: Opn provides simplicity, great cocktails and great moments with your friends and family”, says Dufossé, “Opn is redefining relationships between the user and product, creating a whole new range of experiences. Its potential is tremendous”.

Opn will be launched by Pernod Ricard in early 2018. Until then, Opn will be showcased at CES in Las Vegas (5-8 January, 2017) stand 40 164 in the Tech West Smart Home Area.


It’s Official! The World’s Best Single Malt is CRAIGELLACHIE

John Dewar & Sons Ltd. is delighted to announce CRAIGELLACHIE 31 Years Old has been awarded the World’s Best Single Malt at the World Whiskies Awards (WWA) 2017 presented by Whisky Magazine, the leading authority on the subject.

On March 30, the annual awards ceremony took place at the Waldorf Hotel in London. The WWA is one of leading award programmes in the whisky industry. An esteemed panel of internationally recognised whisky experts deemed CRAIGELLACHIE 31 Years Old as the best single malt whisky in the world, beating competition from hundreds of entries from across the world.

CRAIGELLACHIE Single Malt launched initially in September 2014 making this a highly notable accolade for a whisky which has only been available in market for less than three years.

“Since launching, CRAIGELLACHIE has built up a huge reputation in the on-trade and with whisky connoisseurs – it’s sought out and admired – and the accolade is true testimony to this,” says Georgie Bell, Global Malts Ambassador. “It shows how far the CRAIGELLACHIE brand has come in the last three years, and how from a production, maturation and blending perspective we really are second to none.”

Stephanie MacLeod, Malts Master and Master Blender for John Dewars & Sons, describes CRAIGELLACHIE 31 Years Old as being “beautifully balanced, smooth and rich, a swirl of smoke and sulphur accentuate the sumptuous fruits of kiwi and pineapple. The tang of old, leather bound books and tobacco emerge, with a hint of meatiness of a beef consommé.”

This prestigious award follows on from the outstanding success of CRAIGELLACHIE 23 Years Old being crowned as ‘Best in Show’ at the San Francisco World’s Spirits Competition in 2015, America’s most respected and influential international spirits event.


Tequila CAZADORES Captures the Real Mexico and its Hard-Working People

Timed perfectly for Cinco de Mayo, Tequila CAZADORES, the 100% blue agave premium tequila, launches the first installment of its new platform “Born in Los Altos De Jalisco.” The video and print mediums highlight the authentic and often unseen side of Mexico, bringing forward untold stories of the local characters behind the brand and from the region. The eight characters featured throughout the series embody the inherent sense of pride and personality that makes Arandas, the birthplace of Tequila CAZADORES, a magical place in Mexico worth celebrating.

“At CAZADORES we are exceptionally proud of our roots, which began, and continue to this day, in Arandas, Mexico.” says Lisa Pfenning, Vice President, Brand Managing Director, Tequila Portfolio for Bacardi in the US. “Storytelling has been a tradition in Mexico for generations and this new platform brings to life the vibrancy and the spirit of real people, with real voices, who echo our shared sense of pride for the Los Altos de Jalisco region.”

The first video in the series – launching on Cinco de Mayo – features Manny Hinojosa, tequila expert and CAZADORES brand ambassador, playfully describing the true meaning behind Cinco de Mayo. A total of forty videos, shot documentary style, will be released throughout the summer featuring eight characters who demonstrate how each plays a valued part in their community and showcase some specifically in their role in making sure Tequila CAZADORES is created with passion, pride and attention to detail. Whether it’s Jose Miranda, the Arandas town barber, Pancho, the museum owner with a passion for boxing, or Juan Martinez, a Tequila CAZADORES jimador who works alongside his son in the agave fields, each are linked by the pride in their hard work and dedication to their craft – the same way Tequila CAZADORES has been doing it for close to 100 years.

“We did not create an advertising campaign, but instead short documentaries about the liquid, the people, and the region, which showcase the deep pride that CAZADORES has for being a part of the Los Altos community,” says Zara Mirza, Head of Creative Excellence for Bacardi. “The content that was captured, which will be distributed through editorial and cultural platforms, is an inherent reflection of Tequila CAZADORES connecting to its roots and celebrating the subtleties of the everyday people and moments that link Los Altos and CAZADORES together.”

The series was directed by Santiago Fabregas, whose work is characterized by focusing on characters, stories and places and is always seeking to portray reality as it is, which is also the manner of style reflected by the “Born in Los Altos De Jalisco” photographer, Mark Alor Powell. Just like Tequila CAZADORES, the drive behind all their creative is to be made with and featuring real people with a commitment to authenticity. To view the unreleased “Why Do They Call You Coyote” video as part of the new “Born in Los Altos De Jalisco” series, please click here.

VIRTUE Worldwide, the creative agency by VICE, led by their Brooklyn office, conceptualized and brought to life the “Born in Los Altos De Jalisco” platform, focusing on true authentic characters and sharing their stories, capturing the effervescent spirit of Los Altos and Tequila CAZADORES. Consumers will find the new Tequila CAZADORES visuals in unexpected ways, in addition to social platforms, including wild postings, painted wall art, or with the videos hosted on the VICE Munchies partner page.


Christophe Navarre becomes President of Vinexpo’s Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of Vinexpo SAS, which met last month, has appointed Christophe Navarre, Chief Executive Officer of Moët Hennessy, as its new President.

Having been appointed as a member of the Supervisory Board at the General Meeting of Shareholders on 5 April, Christophe Navarre takes over from Xavier de Eizaguirre, who has completed his term of office.

Christophe Navarre also becomes President of the Supervisory Board of Vinexpo Overseas, the group subsidiary that manages Vinexpo’s international operations.

Christophe Navarre’s arrival represents a key milestone in the company’s development in France and internationally. With his experience at the helm of Moët Hennessy since 2001 and his in-depth knowledge of the major global wine and spirits markets, Christophe Navarre brings a fresh impetus to Vinexpo as it faces the challenges ahead.

“For more than thirty years the Vinexpo brand has successfully promoted the wine and spirits sector in general – and French exports in particular. I’m delighted to contribute to its development, working alongside the Management Board,” stated Christophe Navarre.

Patrick Seguin, President of the Management Board, and Guillaume Deglise, Chief Executive Officer of Vinexpo, added: “Appointing a professional of Christophe Navarre’s calibre as President of the

Supervisory Board reflects Vinexpo’s ambitions to take its skills and expertise to ever higher levels.”

Two other leading figures from the wine and spirits sector are also joining Vinexpo’s Supervisory Board: Philippe Castéja, President of Borie-Manoux and of the Conseil des Crus Classés 1855, and Philippe Guigal from Rhône producer E. Guigal.


Registrations open for drinktec 2017 in Munich

Registrations towards the forthcoming drinktec 2017 in Munich are now open. The forthcoming show will be held from September 11 – 15, 2017 at the Messe Muenchen, Germany.

Every four years the industry meets here to get new impetus for future business. What are tomorrow’s opportunities? What trends are conquering the market? Leading manufacturers and SMEs use drinktec to present their latest developments—live and in operation.

These include: Process technology; · Filling and packaging technology; Process automation, engineering, control and IT solutions; PETpoint (PET technology for beverages and liquid food); Containers, packing materials, equipment and closures; Raw materials, additives and agents; Energy systems, water and wastewater; Restaurant and catering supplies, mobile facilities, sales promotion and marketing

In 2017, SIMEI organized in Italy by the Unione Italiana Vini Società Cooperative (UIV), for the first time will be an integrated part of drinktec in Munich. SIMEI has taken place since 1963 in Milan and is considered to be the world’s leading wine technology show. In future, SIMEI will take place every four years in Munich with drinktec, the world’s leading trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry. SIMEI will retain its traditional two-year cycle, but from now on, it will alternate venues between Italy and Munich.

With the inclusion of SIMEI, the hall space occupied by the world´s leading trade fair drinktec will extend to more than 150,000 m2. The drinktec exhibition area is located in the A and B halls and the SIMEI@drinktec exhibition area will be located in at least two of the C halls (C1, C2 & C3).

Classic Can Image

Carlsberg India launches ‘Tuborg Classic’- India’s first premium strong beer with Scotch Malts

Maharashtra to be the first state to get a taste of the new beer

Building on the tremendous success of Tuborg Green and Tuborg Strong, Carlsberg India announced the launch of Tuborg Classic, India’s first premium strong beer with Scotch Malts. Tuborg Classic, with its rich personality, is a refreshingly strong beer with imported Scotch Malts for a stronger and smoother taste. Presently launched in Maharashtra, Tuborg Classic will soon be available in select markets over the next few months.

Especially brewed for the Indian palate, Tuborg Classic is a rich tasting strong beer that offers the new generation of beer lovers a differentiated product. It is the perfect combination of strong and smooth. Superior quality scotch malts give the beer a well-rounded taste making the drinking experience easy and smooth.

Speaking on the occasion, Michael N. Jensen, Managing Director Carlsberg India Pvt. Ltd. said, “Today, consumers appreciate the distinctive quality and taste of premium beers. Keeping in line with the trends, we have launched Tuborg Classic, a brew made with Scotch Malts offering a stronger and smoother taste. We are confident this product will be appreciated by the consumers. With this launch, we aim to make Tuborg Classic one of the biggest innovations to have hit the Indian Beer industry in the last few years.”

Commenting on the new product, Mahesh Kanchan, Director Marketing, Carlsberg India Pvt. Ltd. said, “Tuborg is the number 1 international beer brand in India and is appreciated by consumers for its taste, quality and innovative packaging. With Tuborg Classic, we aim to further strengthen our commitment to the Indian market and expand our portfolio. Tuborg Classic is a great tasting beer made with Scotch Malts and offers our consumers a stronger and smoother beer experience.”

Tuborg Classic will be launched in 650ml bottles across all key markets nationally and in 500ml Cans in select markets. Maharashtra market will have both packs available.

Ambrosia Awards 2017 – Jury speaks about Prohibition

Prohibitions and the ban on alcobev products is one of the pain points for most manufacturers in the industry. With Kerala instituting a ban on sale of liquor in its state few years ago and Bihar following in the recent history, Ambrosia thought that we would speak to the global experts to give you an update about what their thoughts were about Prohibitions.

The experts were the part of the Jury rounds for the Ambrosia Awards 2017 and come from different parts of the world having a combined experience of over 50 years. Click on the video to see what they had to say about the issue.


Ambrosia Awards 2017 – Packaging Jury Round

With the 11th edition of the Ambrosia Awards Packaging category getting more and more competitive, a star-studded jury went through close to 150 products to choose the 9 winners of the Packaging Category of the Ambrosia Awards 2017. See what they had to say about the winners and why they chose them?


Ambrosia Awards 2017 – Jury Tasting Round

Ambrosia completed the 11th edition of the INDSPIRIT 2017 in late Jan 2017, which was followed by the glittering and gala Ambrosia Awards 2017 ceremony in Delhi. The awards which is organised to celebrate and applaud the excellence of the products, people and the companies of the alcobev industry.

This 2017 edition of the awards witnessed over 200 brands sending in their entries across segments for the Jury Tasting Rounds. So incase you missed the awards and wanted to know what the jury thought of the products this year, we’ve created a small video to give you an idea of the same.