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Liquors that ‘do not affect liver or kidney’ to be launched in Odisha

• No hangover guaranteed

• Anti-anxiety oxidants

• Anti-aging properties

Junior Abhishek Herbals Pvt Ltd. is launching its first product range of liver supporting liquor brands in Odisha State. The Nagpur-based company is introducing Cordial Pride whisky and Cordial white rum, said to have a few health benefits – not affecting liver and kidney. It is also touted to have anti-aging properties and is guaranteed not to give one a hangover. Yes, that is what the company is claiming. Junior Abhishek Herbals has announced that these two products are ‘hepato and kidney protective’, besides having anti-anxiety oxidant strength.

Cordial Pride is a premium whisky blended with five-year-old malt and two different malts, along with a unique herbals formulation which provides it the taste of soil, smoke, saffron, peat and other natural aromas. It is mild on the palate, smooth to sip although the strength of alcohol is 42.8%.

Cordial white rum is said to be uniquely different, with the taste getting nuanced as per the effects of the different seasons. During the winters, the rum will keep the body warm from inside for around 7 to 8 hours and during summers, it will keep the body cool from inside. The company claims that one who consumes it is not likely to get a sun stroke or suffer from hypo thermia during cold seasons.

Protects liver

Further explaining the features, the company said the ingredients are so intelligently formulated that it controls aldehydes and neutalises its bad properties that may occur instantly or over a period of time due to regular alcohol consumption.

Protects kidney

The company stated that the products do not impact the kidney in any way. “Normally when we consume alcoholic drinks, it puts pressure on the kidneys. Alcohol forces the inner parts of the kidney which results in absorption of some blood particles, resulting in yellowish urine discharge. But Cordial products will not allow such effects and the discharge of urine will be colourless.”


The company further claimed that it controls aggression in the person during and after consumption. Cordial products are said to have a calming effect. The anti-anxiety oxidant property helps the consumer not to get aggressive, while it keeps the individual seemingly fresh. The drinker will not overeat, it claims, thus avoiding any acidic activity.

No hangover guaranteed

The Cordial labels are printed with. ‘No Hangover’ assurance. The company said that hangovers occur due to ‘worst kinds of ingredients added in alcoholic drinks’, but in Cordial there is no such ingredient. All ingredients, the company mentioned, had been selected after a research of nearly 20 years and the ‘under impression time’ of the drinker will be around 7 to 8 hours.


The company also claimed that the products have anti-aging properties and that a person consuming a little quantity on a regular basis for around three months, the skin will start glowing, due to the herbal formulation. There will not be any side-effects, the company further stated.

The Chairman of Junior Abhishek Herbals Pvt Ltd. Anirudha Kapaley informed that the price of Cordial Pride would be in the range of `1,250 for 750 ml and the Cordial white rum will be `900 for 750 ml. It will launch the products in 375 ml and 180 ml sizes. We are planning to launch some more products with similar quality and priced reasonably, he said and expects good sales due to the unique features of the products.

The company which started in 2010 is led by Master of Master Blenders Anirudha Kapaley along with three other directors – Deepali Kapaley; Pawan Kumar Jha and Sandeep Raut. The Chief Operating Officer is Amit Awachate.