Dreaming Big

Dreaming Big

Romesh Pandita, Chairman and Managing Director, Alcobrew has always been a dynamic person and this is reflected in his ambitions. His goal continues to be among the top five by 2020.

Romesh Pandita’s prediction to be one of the top 5 companies by 2020 is on track. Althought the alcobev industry has been stung by two major policies, Demonetization and The Supreme Court verdict on highways, Pandita sees it just as a blip on his radar.

Says Romesh, Demonetization affected us for two months but now things are looking up. The Supreme Court verdict affected us late last year, but now the auction has taken place keeping in mind this policy and it is business as usual. The number of shops will come down but the demand will be the same.

In three years of its introduction to the Indian market, White and Blue Whisky has hit a sales volume of 1.5 million cases in 2015-16 but last year 2016-2017 the company touched 2.5 million cases and the coming year, Romesh Pandita predicts it will touch three million cases. We have doubled our revenue from 125 crore to 250 crore in 2015-16 and we plan to double it again to 500 crores in 2016-17. The next year we should touch 700 to 750 crores. Our commitment to produce and deliver quality world-class products has helped in earning brand loyalty from our consumers.

Gruppo Campari’s Regional Director for Asia, Brad Timbrellsaid, “It was an honor for Campari to share in Alcobrew’s “Millions and More” celebrations. Campari and Alcobrew have worked in close cooperation since 2006 and we are confident this mutually beneficial, successful relationship will continue for the years to come.”

Alcobrew’s brands are already present in more than 22 states across India and CSD. Tamil Nadu, Kerala and UP are the problem states. It’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located at Derabassi, Punjab was built to adhere to strict global standards provided by Gruppo Campari. This high performing manufacturing unit has significantly contributed towards creating and retaining Alcobrew’s strong presence in the domestic and international market.

Staff strength has also grown significantly to 200 employees with indirect employment at another 100 and another 200 in production and other activities.

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