“AZA” the Bar at Fairmont Jaipur

The jaali doors of Aza open to reveal a regal library bar, a space for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Reminiscent of an emperor’s hunting lodge, the décor of Aza is complimented with deep leather wing chairs, the smell of leather bound books and the joys of fine liquor. Here you will find the classics in all their glory, vintage cognacs, rare single malts, and a wine cellar that is the envy of the town, this regency style library bar features a varied collection of ‘liquid history’. The highlight at Aza is the exclusive whisky appreciation station featuring an exotic collection ofaged and rare malt whiskies of the world where connoisseurs can select and savour the ‘Private whisky collection of the Maharaja’ from its exquisite menu. This regal masculine bar exudes a delightful old world charm with warm interiors, intimate spaces and charming silent black and white movies that transport you to an era of quiet elegance. The service at Aza extends to the lush palace lawns outside where you can enjoy warm bonfires and mashaal lit greens as the chefs roll out platters of culinary inspiration from the Mediterranean, Middle East and Balkan regions. With sizzling kebabs, leather bound books, and aged whiskys, Aza is an experience in laid back classic luxuries.

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