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Paul P John, inducted into Whisky Magazine’s Hall of Fame at the World Whisky Awards 2022

Paul P.John, an entrepreneur by choice, who ventured into the alcoholic beverages industry in 1992 and established John Distilleries in 1996, has not only steered the company to great heights, but also put on the world map India’s capabilities when it comes to producing some of the finest single malts.

Today John Distilleries has been declared the 4th largest liquor company in the country with production at over 8 locations across 7 states in India. The strong portfolio of brands in various liquor categories such as whiskies, brandy, and wines. His flagship brand, Original Choice is one of the top selling brands in India’s popular whisky segment and one of the top 10 selling whiskies in the world with sales exceeding 12 million cases a year.

His zeal to surpass the ordinary and his personal passion for single malts led him to create the Paul John Indian Single Malts.

Paul John Single Malts were launched in the UK in 2012 and they are currently available in over 43 countries. The brand’s several expressions have won over 280 renowned international awards.

And now for his stewardship, Paul P.John, Chairman of John Distilleries Pvt Ltd has been inducted into Whisky Magazine’s Hall of Fame at the World Whisky Awards 2022 held in London in March.

How does it feel to be inducted into Whisky Magazine’s Hall of Fame at the World Whisky Awards 2022?

It is a great honour to be recognised for the work that I have done, and especially for producing premium quality whiskies from India.

What are your future plans in the Scotch space?

We feel there’s a lot of potential be it in domestic or international markets specifically for single malts. Across the world, consumers are not fully aware of drinking or experiencing single malts properly, and as part of our efforts to build awareness of our brand we are helping consumers enjoy single malts better and we find more and more people turning towards such whiskies are their choice of drink.

Do you see a dramatic increase in Scotch sales in the near future?

(Allow us to point out that we don’t call ourselves Scotch, ours are single malts as we do not make our whiskies in Scotland)

And yes we do see a great potential in the sales of single malt whiskies across all markets.

What is the scope for Scotch brands bottled in India?

Both countries are working on bringing down the duties, if that happens there’s a lot of potential but until then there’ll be just a small growth.

How do you plan to increase the footprints of your premium single malt brands in India and abroad?

We’ve been on the job for the last ten years and we’ve had a steady increase in our footprint. We will continue to build brand awareness, venturing into new countries while continuing to build our presence in existing markets, today we are available across 40 countries in the world.

Which countries are you focussed on for your brands and why?

Mainly UK, USA, rest of Europe and Australia, and of course India.

What are your comments on the recent FTA with Australia?

We welcome more competition.

Which countries would you like to see India signing FTAs and why?

We are fine with working with whatever our government decides.

Are you looking at other segments like Tequila, Gin and Vodka?

Yes, we are planning to launch a premium gin shortly.

What is the next big award you hope to win?

Consumers, accepting the brand is the best award and recognition we can possibly get.

Indri Trini bags ‘best Indian Single Malt’ @ World Whiskey Awards

Indri Trini is making waves in its nascent years. The new Indian Single Malt, from the stables of Piccadily Distilleries launched in 2021, has been rated as the ‘Best Indian Single Malt’ across all categories by the World Whiskey Awards 2022.

In the first round of World Whiskey Awards Indri Trini won the category winner tag of Gold. Paul John’s Mithuna and Nirvana was tagged silver and bronze respectively. In the second round, Indri Trini walked away with the title of ‘Best Indian Single Malt’ from India across all categories irrespective of being single cask, cask strength or age.

Awakens five senses

True to its name Indri Trini, the Single Malt awakens all the five senses – smell, taste, touch, sight and sound. Indri or Indirya in Sanskrit refers to these five senses. Indri is a quaint little village situated in the catchment area of River Yamuna, nestled in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas. Indri is the place where Piccadily has one of its distilleries, the other two located in Patiala and Bawal.

Indri Trini is truly the new star that the alcobev world is awakening to. Launched recently, its inaugural expression has bagged some of the most prestigious awards globally. Indri has not only got the Indian Single Malt enthusiasts excited, but also has been generating a lot of attention in the international arena.

Indri backed by a mammoth stock of 40,000 barrels with the distillery churning out 12,000 litres of malt spirit every day is all set for the long haul.

The awards have encouraged the distillery to excel. In its debut year, it has also bagged

● Category Winner, No Age statement at World Whiskey Awards 2022 @www.whiskymag.com

● Winner Asian Whisky of the year at Dom Roskrow’s New Wizards Awards 2022 (that is Best whiskey from India/Taiwan/Japan) https://www.newwizards.co.uk/

● Silver, with a 91 score at The International Wine & Spirit Competition 2022

Dom Roskrow, a spirits writer, editor and consultant specialising in whisky, said, “This was one of the most competitive categories in this year’s Awards, with several gold medal winners competing for the title. This, though, was a revelation and joins a growing band of wonderful Indian whiskies. It is matured in ex sherry, ex bourbon and French oak casks so unsurprisingly there’s a lot going on- berry fruits and red peanuts, lemon, grapefruit and tropical notes, all held in place by freshly shaved wood tannins and soft spice.”

Another feather in the cap is the Silver with 91 points at the International Wine & Spirit Competition. Tasted by the connoisseurs across the globe such as Ivan Dixon, Dawn Davies MW, Andrea Dionori, Jeremy Stephens and Ludo Ducrocq have all praised Indri stating that it is clean, malty nose with oak sweetness and hints of tropical fruits. They have said it is tannic, yet has delicate mouth feel revealing prunes, figs and dates giving it an earthy finish.

Trini, the Three Wood

Trini – The Three Wood, is curated by the distillery’s master craftsmen. It is distilled using the traditional Indian 6 row barley, matured in selected barrels, and blended carefully to bring out the individual contribution of each wood (first fill bourbon, ex-French wine and PX sherry casks) without overshadowing the original whisky profile. Indri Trini is bottled at 46% ABV and is a non-chill filtered whisky.

Nose: Hints of black tea, caramelised pineapple with a whiff of oak from the barrel comes forward, followed by vanilla and honey from the bourbon oak and traces of spiced tannins from the European oak, finally topped up with vinous raisin and sweet sherry notes. Gentle and mellow on the nose.

Taste: Elegant richness, smooth and warm on the sides of the mouth. Gentle spice and wood characters come through, followed by nutty flavours and hints of burnt pineapple, citrus and raisins.

Finish: A subtle and balanced finish where each flavour compliments one another without dominating. A smooth and long after taste with sweet fruity flavours coming up from the warmth of the throat, lingering long after.

The extreme temperature of the Northern plains helps the malt spirit mature faster inside the barrels, naturally. This also means the angels happily take away their share, leaving behind sweet tropical flavours and rich natural colour. The distillery proudly uses no fossil fuels to generate its power needs.

Piccadily Distilleries growing from strength to strength

Thanks to the vast experience, Piccadily Distilleries have been able to touch one milestone after other. Having started in 1953 as a liquor distribution firm as Kedar Nath & Sons, in 1967 it formally registered as Piccadily. The brand has only grown from strength to strength. In 2008, it became the first Indian company to receive permission to produce alcohol from sugar cane juice and in 2009 it imported oak barrels from the United States and began distilling spirits from cane juice. In 2010, the founders’ envisioned the creation of a distillery on par with those of Scotland. It commissioned Raj Industries to build what would become of the largest malt plants in India.

Importantly, the company embraced in 2018 a new philosophy towards producing premium, high-end spirits that adhere to EU and Scottish standards of production while phasing out the molasses-based whiskeys of the past. In 2020, it launched Whistler blended whiskey and conceived Camikara rum – representing ‘liquid gold’. The following year it launched Indri single malt whiskey and this year it released Camikara rum, India’s first sipping rum.

The malt distillery at Indri, located off the famous Grand Trunk Road (which linked Central Asia to the Indian Sub continent for almost 2500 years) was set up in 2012. The distillery is also home to 6 traditional copper pot stills (designed and made in India) and 40,000 barrels. Today, it is India’s largest independent malt manufacturer and seller of malt spirits. The distillery is rapidly expanding its warehousing capacity to hold another 30,000 barrels. A new visitor center is also under construction and will be open for visitors by the end of the year.