India’s 1st cane juice rum maker, Piccadily Distilleries launches Camikara 3 Year Old Aged Rum

Piccadily Distilleries recently announced the launch of Camikara 3 Years Old (YO) – a 100% pure cane juice rum, aged in American oak barrels for three years. Unlike most Indian rums produced using molasses or grain ENA, Camikara takes pride in being India’s first premium, pure cane juice rum. It is a testament to India’s growing admiration for good quality rum, with the rum market foreseeing an annual growth of 5.55% (CAGR 2023-2028), according to a Statista report.

Camikara 3YO, bottled at 42.8% ABV, is a departure from the myth that rum is a seasonal spirit. Inviting young consumers to experiment, and impressing rum enthusiasts with its complexity, Camikara 3YO is a versatile drink, a rum like no other. On the rocks or as the foundation of a preferred cocktail, it can be savoured all year long, serving as a canvas for the true essence of the cane juice to shine through.Elevating the legacy and tradition of rum in India, Camikara was born to rediscover the past and pave the way for the future. The inspiration came from the culture of Punjab, where there’s a history of distilling cane juice to make a local household brew called Laahan. Piccadily Distilleries aims to revive this age-old tradition, take it further with advanced maturing techniques and present the beauty of premium Indian rums in the form of Camikara.

Carrying forward the reputation of its award-winning 12YO variant, Camikara 3YO is a step further in the company’s vision of making premium Indian spirits more accessible. India is the world’s largest producer of sugarcane and has a rich history of producing cane juice distillates or rums. But due to years of colonisation, the domination of western whiskies and the subsequent devaluation of rum as a quality brown spirit, India never produced a premium category rum. The story is similar to that of tea and coffee; India was primarily a coffee producing and coffee drinking nation until the British colonisers introduced tea. It is only recently, with the conscious efforts of the new generation, that both indigenous Indian coffee and rum are reclaiming their space and finding their footing on a global scale.

Speaking about the launch, Siddhartha Sharma, Founder, Piccadily Distilleries, said, “We are very excited to expand our portfolio of pure cane juice rums and launch Camikara 3YO. Camikara was born out of a desire to revive the age-old distilling tradition from India and introduce an indigenous premium category rum. When we launched the limited-edition Camikara 12YO, it became the first ever Indian rum to win a ‘Gold Medal’ at the prestigious IWSC Awards 2023. This inspired us to expand our rum portfolio and make the golden elixir more accessible. We hope that Camikara 3YO will carry on the legacy and cater to a wider audience.”

Camikara 3YO stands as a testament to purity. It entices with classic, naturally sweet top notes of sugarcane. On the nose, it offers intriguing hints of funkiness, vegetal greenness and a subtle embrace of wet leather. Then, a fruity sweetness unfolds, reminiscent of melons, complemented by a gentle touch of honey and understated hints of vanilla, enhancing the innate sweetness of its aroma. On the palate, Camikara 3YO offers a masterful alchemy of oak and cane juice spirit. Subtle oak and char-induced smoky notes form a sturdy foundation allow the sugarcane congeners to gracefully evolve. The outcome is a well-rounded and an impeccably balanced spirit. A grand manifestation of pure sugarcane juice rum, Camikara 3YO offers a gratifying finish with each sip.

Camikara 3YO is currently available in Haryana at ₹1,500, Rajasthan at ₹2,410 and Uttarkhand at ₹1,830. The spirit will soon be available in Maharashtra, Goa, Punjab, Assam, Arunachal, MP, Chandigarh, UP and more.

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