It’s official, the ‘cocktail hour’ is back according to new research

More than half of Brits surveyed is back.

Lockdowns have pushed everyone’s social life to the backburner and patrons are looking to entertain themselves at home. In a survey conducted during the lockdown on how Brits were enjoying their drinks at home during a lockdown, more than half of those surveyed believed that ‘Cocktail Hour’ has made a comeback during this time.

Research states that more than half (53%) of Brits surveyed believe the cocktail hour has made a comeback in recent weeks, with 7.30 pm emerging as the time people are most likely to raise a glass with loved ones. While ‘cocktail hour’ was born in America, it reached the height of fashion in Britain in the 1920s. In fact, the first cocktail party in the UK is said to date back to 1924 and was reportedly thrown by war artist Christopher Nevinson.

But today, according to the findings from a Bacardi’s survey, the cocktail hour has made a virtual come back with as many as 43% of respondents attempting to perfect cocktails at home since the lockdown began. Almost a third (31%) of participants have enjoyed virtual drinks parties with friends as a way of keeping in touch and one in five (21%) have even dressed up for their virtual drinks occasion. Close to 29% of respondents have been dusting off specialist cocktail glasses and 27% are going all out by making use of a shaker ahead of virtual get-togethers.

What’s more, the contemporary cocktail hour is here to stay, with over a quarter of those surveyed (27%) claiming they will continue hosting virtual cocktail hours with friends and family beyond the lockdown. Nearly a third (32%) of these budding mixologists claim they were inspired to try their hand at a cocktail because they are a more interesting alternative to wine and beer.

According to the survey, the Mojito (made with rum, sugar and zesty lime) is the most popular make-at-home cocktail. The classic Pina Colada, made with coconut cream, rum and pineapple came second, with the Californian-born Margarita coming in third place. While the Mojito proves the number one serve, vodka is the spirit of choice for 35% of those surveyed when making cocktails at home, closely followed by gin (33%) and rum (23%).

Nearly a quarter (23%) of respondents have shared a virtual toast over a non-alcoholic or low alcohol cocktail according to the report, with Virgin Pina Coladas, Virgin Mojitos and Virgin Marys topping the poll of favourite non-alcoholic cocktails. Millennials prove the most mindful drinkers as data shows 41% of consumers between the age of 25-34 years surveyed have raised a low alcohol or non-alcoholic cocktail during virtual drinks.

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