Grey Goose launches House of Change initiative for Bartenders

From being one of the leading vodka brands globally, Grey Goose is the go to vodka choice for most consumers today. Ambrosia spoke to Aastha Gupta, Brand Manager – Premium White Spirits (INDIA & SEA), Bacardi India Private Ltd on their new initiative called House of Change.

How important is this program to the Grey Goose brand?
Bartender advocacy has always been one of the key foundational pillars in our brand’s history and the bartending community holds great importance to us. In these unprecedented times, Grey Goose wanted to support learning to help the community weather the storm, so that bartenders are able to return to their craft even stronger than before.
India has some of the best bartenders in the world. The House of Change program is aimed at these professional bartenders who already provide the highest level of drink experiences to consumers. Our goal is to help them refine their softer skills by accentuating not only their talents behind the bar, but a 360-degree development of their personalities and their service style.

What kind of brand recall do you expect from consumers watching this program?
Our House of Change initiative is created for the bartending community. Bartenders embrace health and wellness, seek advanced training and career enriching experiences and have a strong sense of community and camaraderie. Each bartender has unique interests and hobbies, but the common underlying thread is the desire to grow. Through this program we tried to bring alive our Brand promise by uniting the bar community around their shared passion for trade and hospitality, while providing a platform where they can polish their skills and engage with and celebrate their community. As Grey Goose, our commitment to our partners goes beyond their professional role – our goal is to support them in all aspects of their career and personal development, as well.

What is the size of the program in terms of bartenders and what are the consumer views you expect to get?
We are proud to say that bartender participation has grown since the program launched three years ago. This year, we received an overwhelming response with more than 500 entries for the participation and we welcomed 200 registered participants.

What is your digital media plan for this exercise?
House of Change is aimed at the bartending industry and was promoted through our Bacardi brand ambassador team and our partners. Our advocacy team have built a strong community and we were pleased to see them share the opportunity across their network.

Was this a specific program for India?
House of Change is a specially curated local multi-faceted advocacy program run by the India Grey Goose team specifically for the needs of the Indian talent, to support them in marking their foray into the global scene with a competitive edge. This program is running for the third consecutive year.

What kind of market response do you expect after this virtual initiative? 
House of Change is a program curated with the hope that it benefits the bartenders in a positive way, setting them to discover a journey from a job to a clearly defined purposeful career with a point of view.

How has the Grey Goose brand evolved in India?
Grey Goose was one of the first super premium vodka brands to be present in the Indian market. It has grown from a desirable brand that is looked highly upon to a brand that is much loved and consumed during occasions big and small.

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