Jameson Whiskey Appreciation

Lorcan Garvey, Brand Ambassador for Pernod Ricard India’s brand Jameson in India conducted a Whisky Appreciation session at the Radio Club for its members.The session began with a bit of history on John Jameson himself, a Scotsmen who moved to Dublin and took to the art of making Irish whiskey. Lorcan touched on the inspiration behind this move and the story behind the ‘crest and the motto – Sine Metu’ (Latin for ‘Without Fear’). He did stress that the motto in no way encouraged one to be rash or irresponsible but rather emphasized on the will to push ahead while having ‘Little to no Fear’.

With that, he went on to explain the whiskey manufacturing process – fermentation, distillation and maturation while handing samples of grain, white spirit and those matured in the various wooden barrels to the audience.

And then it was time to taste the samples and examine some of the ingredients that make the whiskey. Jameson Irish Whiskey is the most popular Irish whiskey in the world, with more than 20 million bottles sold per year, all over the globe. Produced at the Midleton distillery, it is the flagship whiskey of Irish Distillers, subsidiary of Pernod Ricard. Jameson 12 year offers notes of pepper and cinnamon to harmonize with oak and vanilla in this great blend. If you are a fan of Irish whiskies in general or Jameson in particular, Jameson 12-year-old provides an interesting perspective on aged blended whiskies that you’ll enjoy tasting.

Radio Club Whisky Appreciation programmes and this Jameson Whiskey Appreciation has been put together by Prakash Mirchandani, Secretary of Radio Club.

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